Jolla1 last OTA update stuck

Stuck there for 2 hours. What do i do?

Did this ever get resolved? I’ve just being going through the upgrade show from 2.0 up to 3.4. All good until 3.4 which first gave me a black screen with red light, then stuck on a similar screen after battery removal.

Try to debug it.

I havent. I effectively have a bricked device as of now.
It seems that my device had some device lock set up which i didnt know, and going the recovery way requires that device lock key.
I read that Jolla was able to provide some sort of master key to unlock, so i contacted support.
The answer was that the 3rd party contractor providing that service is now bankrupt, and so they have no way to provide such keys any longer.
The last resort advice i got is to use qcfire ultimate multi tool v1.2 (or maybe others too), that should be able to do something with it.
However, i briefly looked into this, the licensing model is super unclear so i was waiting for some feedback before going down this road.

Anyway, this story has at least taught me the lesson: avoid products of a company that has no clue how to clean its own shit.