Jolla1 does not show login/PIN screen / circle ui

After a long time in the drawer, today I wanted to use my Jolla1 phone. I plugged the charger and started the phone. it boots up and shows a rotating quarter circle (ui feedback). What I can do is swipping from the top - this shows the overview menu (ambient, WIFI, etc) and from the bottom to open the camera application. So, I conclude that the login screen does not come up. What can I do?

Not sure how long Jolla 1 stored or what version of Sailfish OS it is running, but don’t know whether this resource is pertinent? Have you tried just leaving it on charge for a while then disconnecting charger?

The Jolla1 phone has SailfishOS- installed. I had not problem before. Even after long time not using it. I just needed to charge and boot up but this time comes this behaviour:

Is there something that I can do in the recovery+shell mode?

Depends on which route you want to go?

Maybe this here
is one possibility?

In rescue mode I did “repair filesystem (btrfs)” (can not remember the exat menu item description). Rebooted - not resolved. A couple of days later I did it again and the phone started correctly and I could enter into the ui (code enter etc.) -> issue resolved