Jolla: weather app - daily preview by tapping on a certain day possible?

Hi, I really like the native weather app, so far I understood:
If I tap in the current day (red ellipse) or any day, the display changes between weekly preview or the preview of the current day.

My desired behavior would be:
If I tap on a certain day (e.g. yellow ellipse), I’ll see the preview of that chosen day.
At the moment, I have to do some more steps to get the information in the App > more information > 14DAYS.

I’d like to say that this issue should be understood as a feature request and hope the app could be updated in that direction.
This would be the expected behavior known from other weather-apps and would certainly simplify looking at forecasts.


I think that’s too complicated for the widget.

But i agree it would be nice if tapping the days at the bottom of the app showed more than a summary of the whole day, like a graph for example.

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Would it be possible to link a tap on a small day-icon to the weather-app in the browser (-> more information → 14 DAYS)?
The changing of the current day would stay the same using the big icon above.

That Staumelder-Message looks interesting, where App?

@fingus: Off-topic, now I use : “Stauinformation” from Aurora. I can select mode “Bundesland”. Then I added 3 Filters: highway A8 and added two towns on my daily way. Now I can see directly jams, that concern me :slight_smile (Today i spent 1,5 h in traffic jam.) Looks really good, one look on the opened app and let’s drive.

So there is a need of a native version.

For me would be a link to the browser be suffient, but if Jolla would provide a native weather-app - Iwould you use it ;-).

On WindowPhone there was an App called “Meine Strecken” (part of Here Maps or Transist)
which showed your bookmarked Daily-route to Work for example in a Livetile, i miss something simular on SFOS.

Perhaps you could create a new issue as “future request” ?

When you have a priceless Here-API-Key as Developer, you can calculate this behaviour between two map locations and create a Cover-App with SailfishOS.

I can code LUA and could release a working proof-of-work. But not with Qt, creating a working Data Model was a frustating Part which i didnt archive until today. But i will start with Plain QML and Qt to come into this other kind of developing.

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For “normal users” this will be too complicated, I fear.

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