Jolla turns profitable, bringing AlienDalvik to the automotive sector

Tech Crunch:

Jolla hits profitability ahead of turning ten, eyes growth beyond mobile


Great news. Congrats
(I would be even happier if there wouldn’t be some crybabies with the ever same complaints about five posts later.)

Anyway. All the best and a bright future to the company behind the only alternative OS actually working as a daily driver.


Good news! Go, Jolla, go!

Excellent news for sure. Hope it stays this way for a long time so they can make the OS kick ass and get rid of all the android crap.


I doubt that the heading is correct.
IIRC “Alien Dalvik” was a trademark by Myriad of Switzerland and Jolla did license the software for the first versions/devices of Sailfish OS.
The current solution from Jolla does not have a name and is not based on Alien Dalvik.

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Not Myriad tech? Source?

The article says it is named AppSupport for Linux Platforms and Sailfish Community News, 12th August calls it Android App Support. (Some IRC meetings back i recall someone was corrected from calling it AlienDalvik)

It is well-known that Jolla has done most of the work on it in-house lately, but whether or not it is based on Myriad technology to any extent and if that then was bought out is somewhat foggy.
That community news article also mentions they recruited the creator of sfdroid, which to me sounds like yet another hint to that it was (mostly) from scratch.


Try to find any reference to Alien Dalvik from Myriad. That’s many years ago, older than ART (Android Runtime) which replaced Dalvik with Android 5.

The Android Support packages on the newest version of SFOS are all named aliendalvik-*

Probably just a package management artefact… wanting it appear as the same thing in store and whatnot. Someone is probably regretting that decision.

Hopefully then there will not pop up the same message while driving the car like on a smartphone with sailfish x “Simcard removed please restart your device”