Jolla Tablet touch screen unresponsive

End of an era? Jolla Tablet has so far been the longest living smart device I’ve ever owned. Now, I’m afraid, it has encountered a problem I can’t fix. I hope somebody can help me since Jolla Customer Support doesn’t have anything.

Yesterday morning the Tablet was working fine. About 11 am the touch screen suddenly stopped responding. I first though the device crashed (it has done this a couple of times), so I rebooted it. After rebooting, the screen froze to Jolla logo and I had to reboot it again (it has done this a couple of times too). In the second attempt the Sailfish OS booted, and the start screen shows. However, I can’d do anything with it, because touch screen doesn’t react to anything. I can turn the tablet to landscape mode, set the volume and double press the power button to view keypad, but I can’t enter the code because the screen doesn’t react to touch. I’ve tried a couple of times with the charger on and off, and the tablet fully and not-fully charged.

OS version: latest early access (I turned on early access in january in hopes of getting the browser usable)
Tablet version: 64 gb (bought second hand from an early backer)
Developer mode: no

I’ve mostly used the tablet to keep my calendar, read emails, RSS and Reddit with the native SFOS apps and read scientific papers with Mendeley. I have not installed anything that’s not from either Jolla Store or Aptoide.

Probably dying, sadly. Try to SSH into it and restart lipstick/examine logs for any obvious hardware failure. Mine died of high humidity exposure and now only exposes a mode through USB with which you can’d do much. It looks pretty in its original box though :slight_smile:

The tablet has a lot of really obscure bugs, in case @gabrielg’s suggestion doesn’t turn up any signs of actual hardware failure, all the advice I can offer is to just keep rebooting it, rebooting into recovery, rebooting back into the OS, back into recovery, etc. Another user and I had a problem after the latest update where the tablet told us it was permanently locked after supposedly entering too many wrong pincodes (even though we did no such thing), and it turned out to be yet another massively weird bug that ended up fixing itself after doing about half a thousand reboots holding all sorts of button combinations.