[Jolla Tablet] Gps stopped working since sfos

HARDWARE: Jolla Tablet - tbj - tbj - - i486
UI LANGUAGE: Español (user: es_ES, os: es_ES.utf8)
REGRESSION: yes (since: 4.2 - n/a)


I enabled ‘Location’ from Settings but it seems that gps doesn’t work in my Jolla Tablet: when I use GpsInfo, there is no satellites detected and no o icon gps is shown in status bar. Plus, CSD Tool tests say that Gps ‘Failed’.
I reseted my tablet to factory settings and gps was working in every update but it failed when I installed sfos



  1. Enable Location
  2. Open GpsInfo


Some satellites are detected and gps icon is shown in status bar when I open GpsInfo


No satellites detected: 0/0. No icon gps is shown in status bar


  • Patchmanager: no
  • OpenRepos: no
  • Chum: yes
  • Other: no:


Device Owner User: nemo
Home Encryption: not supported

the initial version of this bug report was created using Bugger 0.9.8+git1
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I can confirm the issue, GPS is no longer getting activated on the tablet.

The only perhaps relevant logging I can find at the moment is:
geoclue-hybris[]: [W] unknown:0 - While updating the updateInterval, failed to set position mode, error -1

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I reseted again my Jolla tablet and I’m on sfos Maps an gps work really fine now but browser is old, for example, I can’t access to posts of this forum because ‘browser is too old to work on this site’.
I understand that jolla tablet users are a very small group, but in my opinion the experience use with sailfish in tablet is amazing. Please, Jolla, keep alive sailfish on tablet!

If you update, you get the newer browser…

But gps doesn’t work :frowning:

Your answer gave me a hint. I have Here positioning service installed on sfos, and these packages are replaced on sfos 4.3 and later versions by mozilla positioning services. Maybe something is broken with this change.

The error message originates from geoclue-providers-hybris/hallocationbackend.cpp at 747fc6ecd1aaaaa394666e9bbf8023774e5c5a5c · mer-hybris/geoclue-providers-hybris · GitHub

Some commit since could be the cause of this. If it is indeed related to /usr/libexec/geoclue-hybris itself an older version of geoclue-provider-hybris-binder could make a difference. But it can an issue elsewhere.

The Jolla tablet is still using Android 4.4 and I doubt the libhybris compatibility layer is tested properly on this old device when changes are implemented.


On the tablet it is not geoclue-provider-hybris-binder, but the package geoclue-provider-hybris-hal.

And as I expected, it is a bug introduced in a recent version of this package.

I decided to downgrade geoclue-provider-hybris-hal-0.2.35-1.5.2.jolla.i486 to geoclue-provider-hybris-hal-0.2.31-1.3.1.jolla.i486 on my SFOS tablet install, and… the GPS works again!


Thank you so much for your help!! I’ve updated SailfishOS to and installed geoclue-provider-hybris-hal (v0.2.31-1.3.1) and gps is working.
I will keep this bug opened until Jolla fix it.

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How can i downgrade the package? Can i specify the version with pkcon oder zypper somehow?

With pkcon only after downloading the older version of an RPM package (in order to specify an RPM including its version string):
pkcon install-local --allow-downgrade --allow-reinstall <path-to-downloaded-rpm>

With zypper (first needs to be installed per pkcon install zypper), one shall be able to achieve this with a single zypper command (i.e., without manually downloading, first), see its man-page for details.

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This sounds like a possible fix: hal: Handle not being able to set the SUPL server. by MagneFire · Pull Request #44 · mer-hybris/geoclue-providers-hybris · GitHub

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The fix for this will most likely be in OS release 4.5.0.
Thanks for reporting.


Great!! Thank you so much!!

A Jolla Tablet issue was fixed? Is this real life?!

I haven’t updated it yet, I will try to do it this weekend. I will write here if all is working fine.

To put things in perspective, all they try to do is repair an issue they caused themselves.

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I can confirm that gps is working fine in sfos Thank you so much!