Jolla-sms-exporter : soft to export sms to android

long time jolla user since the first phone, it’s sadly time to move.
I create a command tool (node.js) so everyone can at least export its sms/mms/phone log to its new phone (android, no clue about iphone). There some alternative but those are bugged, at lot. here the link

Rest of the info are in the front page of the git repo.
Depend on the demand I may create a more friendly Gui version.

PS: no, with the introduction of %$#@ sailjail it was impossible to create a native app



Just add Disabled in the desktop file and forget about jolla store and embrace openrepos/chum


Always a pity to see developers leave. Could you opensource your Jolla store apps (Mem!, Muuzik!, Footoo!) so people who use your apps can at least try to fix them if anything changes in new SFOS releases?


Yeah, I love your apps and have used them a lot! It would be awesome if you could share the source code!
And wish you luck on your future endeavours!

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A Gui would be great since I am just a user…!

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“Ne me quite pas…” (Well known French song, Jacques Brel) :–)
Thank you for the apps and the exporter.
If I may ask: What is your next OS of choice?

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Done this for several app including mine and even some native one like weather in order to get then back to life but it’s not a solution : impossible to upload to the store so regular used are at lost, sailjail use too much resources, crash a lot even the browser I have to start from console ! This security implementation is a disaster, btw even Android now allow on/off permission per app.

PS : my point was always to do app for everyone, not the geek only

I will, It’s not like I’m going to keep coding in QT.
Keep in mind all my app used now forbidden access : shared directory, embed library, access to system command, system directories. It’s impossible to fix them to comply with new security pattern. For example, Mem! IS a system/ admin app (/proc, /usr/share/* etc…), it can’t simply exit anymore !

no really choose left, no way I use apple so Android, may test LineageOS.
I used to dev for android several year ago, what a crappy os, and well, with what they did (at least xiomi) with android12 I’m impress, good layout, notification panel, navigation, I only miss the flip and cover (and muuzik :slightly_smiling_face: will port it).

→ I’ll try to have time to code a gui with bin for linux/win/mac

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