Jolla returns to the UK, plus a great deal wherever you are

please work well, so the other hinted at countries don’t need to use dodgy hoops to access sailfish soon.
p.s. please really soon not the fabled soon.

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Xperia 10 III was officially mentioned before. Much more interesting is that the talk about “Upcoming devices like Xperia 10 III” - what sounds like there will be more than juste the 10 III next year.

My only concern with O2 is that it has been confirmed that “Bootloader unlock = YES” on such devices, which is not on a usual customer service “crib sheet”. :wink:

Paying for a voucher (gift card/coupon/…) with another voucher (gift card/coupon/…) is (rightfully) considered money laundering, so even if they wanted to, Jolla can’t allow it.


@nthn I think @flypig and you have missed something here. What I am asking for has already been done once to purchase a licence for Sailfish X. That’s how I migrated from a Jolla 1 to my current Sailfish X phone. So why can’t it be done again with the remaining refund money?

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@flypig Thanks for the reply. As it hasn’t appeared here I won’t quote any of it.

I think my query wasn’t accurately formed and so apologies are also due from me.

Another word of warning is that “Allow bootloader unlock = NO” might be in the service app which they don’t know how to check :frowning:

Also please be aware when buying from too-good(cheap)-to-be-true sources, they are known scam sites, such as firezy and druppo, popping up ahead of the festive time.

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If by this misunderstanding of theirs you mean that actually bootloader is already unlocked, then we’re half-way through to installing sailfish, isn’t it:)
I.e. if bootloader is already unlocked then surely the whole device isn’t locked to an operator, or it’s not an issue.

That’s from the Shop FAQ - does this mean we will see the Xperia 10 III before this date??? What if not?

14. How does the Jolla Xmas 2021 “Buy one get one free” campaign work?

If you buy any Sailfish X licence, you will receive a one-time voucher code which gives you 100% discount of a Sailfish X licence for any supported device. The voucher is valid until 2022-June-30. You can give the code to someone else if you do not wish to use it yourself. Please remember that upon exercising the voucher code one must be logged in with the Jolla account which gets the licence.

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small commits wrt xperia 1 and 5 were added to repo

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Xperia 1 and 5 or also 1 II and 5 II???

Really pleased to hear this. Probably won’t need it for another year or two, as I had to upgrade early 2020 when my old phone died, but I was already starting to keep an eye on other OS’s. Now I know I can stick with SFOS.

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only first gen…1.1…1…

“Finally after grueling efforts, we have completed the necessary translations to Geordie, Tyke, Brummie and Scouse.
Glaswegian will be completed when Scotland rejoins the EU.”


I am still in XA2 (official license) and looks like 10 III will be my next upgrade. Getting the offer now or buying the 10 III license later will not make any difference(?).

If you don’t have any use for a non 10 III licence right now, then yes, I’d say that’s correct.

You could of course give the extra licence away as a gift; and this assumes no price increase or no other offers, between now and then, which could change things.

not a real use as I expect to jump from XA2 to 10 III in few months, unless you provide licence for tama devices?

later they might again have sale price of 35 for existing customers

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