Jolla please add a phablet or tablet to your supported devices

I really like to use SFOS, for daily driver it would be very fine to have a mobile device with a bigger screen like a 8-10 inch tablet!

The aspect ratio (very long but slim, ‘bananaphone’) of the currently officially supported phones is not very user friendly.

Therefore i meanwhile prefer my Volla phone as daily driver, but a real phablet would be better.


It’s very unlikely it will happen in my limited opinion.

You could buy a second hand tablet of some description and flash a copy of SFOS to it.

There is a section at the bottom of this link that shows what is/isn’t working on various tablets;

The Modecomm FreeTab piqued my interest.

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Any sort of rationale for your statement would help your argument… Seems it is a fair trade-off between having a larger screen and still being able to hold it. A nice bonus is that you still have some screen left when the keyboard is visible.

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it looks like this if i want to write something in landscape mode. Not user friendly because the keyboard covers 2/3 of the screen.

edit: not a big problem and there is the workaround to simply hold the devive in portrait mode, but having a tablet with SFOS would be fine.

I can recommend using the split keyboard setting to gain both better ergonomics and an additional key-row worth of content. If that is the entire reason against longphones, i guess i think they are well worth it.

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Yes, this is much better now, and ok. Thank you much @attah !
Is there a way to reduce keyboard height generally by tweaking some system config files? I remember darkly, sometimes i read this somewhere, and searched, but i can’t find it anymore

I guess you’d have to edit the QML making up the keyboard layouts themseles. However, that is not something i have experience with.

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Do you have a hint for me, where to search?

Not really… maybe look at what custom keyboards on OpenRepos consist of.

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in @ichtyosaurus 's source texts. I think that was it what I read a few days ago somewhere, and couldn’t find it anymore now.

edit: I resign, it’s too complex for me because of lack of programming skills.

There’s a patch to make keyboard a bit smaller, at OpenRepos.

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Thanks, @eson ! Installed ‘Smaller keyboard’ from OpenRepos on Sony Xperia 10 and Volla.
Works like a charm on Sony (,
No effect on Volla (

On Sony it’s more important for me. Volla has a wider screen, so there it’s not so important. But if I could bring it to run on Volla, too, I would be happy. What can be the reason?