Jolla-contacts (people) app: use contact editor in custom app


I would like to use the qml contact editor page from the people app (jolla-contacts) in a custom app. I checked the qml files in /usr/share/jolla-contacts and figured out, that it calls “contactList.openNewContactEditor(…)”. But I am not able to find the function nor the related qml on github.

Where can I find the source (qml???) of the contact editor page on github?
Is it imported from Sailfish.Contacts or org.nemomobile.contacts?

I found the org.nemomobile.contacts page on github but this only provides ‘first name’, ‘last name’ and ‘phone number’; this seems to be the wrong one - or at least not the full one.

Can anyone help me in that issue?


You can’t.

$ rpm -qa --qf "%{name}: %{license}\n" jolla-contacts
jolla-contacts: Proprietary

If it’s not in /usr/share you won’t be finding it.

ok, that is sad. But thanks for your reply.

In that case, I will write my own interface - or force the user to add a contact first.