Jolla community phone + Sailfish OS vs any other option

Let’s see, there’s Apple phones and phones with Android that I don’t trust whatsoever, so that’s out of the question.
There’s Harmony OS phones, but I’m not Chinese and if there’s any spying going on, I do want it to be a government that I can vote for, which means within the EU.
I don’t get why so many Europeans are unbelievably lax on Apple and Google, yet are as tense as a hair trigger on Huawei.
And any political answer I get to that can be followed up to the same lax/tense question.

I knew Sailfish was going to go into a more expensive direction, since there didn’t seem to be any development towards a Sony Xperia 10 IV (at the time),
but I had my bets on that Sailfish OS was going to go broke and that Linux had arrived via the Pinephone, which seemed constantly sold out, except for the expensive version.

Well I can tell everyone now, I bought the cheap one and what a dud that turned out to be.
Very poor OS support from Manjaro. Very poor battery support. Very poor app support.
It all works, but all of it barely.
I’m going to install PostMarketOS next, but I have no high hopes it will be miles better.
I’ve been told Ubuntu touch Lomiri is the best for this phone, but that it doesn’t support calls?

Anyway, since the Pinephone from 2019 is so terrible…sigh I’m back here again.
Whatever the extra I need to pay for this new community phone subscription, I’ll just have to put up with, because there’s absolutely nothing else to look forward to.


I missed the announcement for Sony Xperia 10 IV and V support, so I’ll be brief on that.
I agree with Zeillos. Jolla support was much better and it’s a lot more fun to buy an OS that’s meant for the phone instead of first having to buy an android product.


Free distributions (Postmarket, Droidian, Mobian, whatever) do have problems with special hardware (gsm, camera, camera and camera) and less usable for daily drivers. That is the main problem in this free field.

I am experimenting with hardened Androids (Graphene, Calyx), and you may cry what stuff simply works out of the box.

All real community phones (1, C, C2) are really livetime stable in the functionality of SFOS. Never had problems with my 1 and C. And for all other phones (Sonys): It is a pain in the a* to find a phone which is out of stock when is OS ready…


Support for IV and V was announced. Search around.


Remember that Sailfish OS support for Sony phones has never been as good as for Jolla phones. Every generation lacked one or more important features, or had severe bugs. Non-working double-tap, instable mobile data connectivity, high power consumption, gps and camera focus issues, to name just a few.

You know you have to queue for the next batch, right?

There have been some very major improvements on the ofono-using distros on the pinephone – Ubuntu Touch and SFOS – in the last month or so. Voice calls are definitely possible now.


Thanks. I’ll try Ubuntu then.
If it’s any good I’ll sell my SFOS voucher I bought just before I made my post.

You’ll probably find it lacking many of the features of SFOS.

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oneplus 6(t) once i get the ports done will beat jollyboy’s joke phone and any xperia joke port in every single way.

That’s all I’m gonna say.


That’s a nice phone. I’ve tried Ubuntu Touch on it. Sadly, without Volte support it’s not capable of being a daily driver for me in USA. Fine for data use, though, which I do use it for occasionally. And IIRC, once broken free from Big Magenta, the (T) version is dual-sim capable.

FUCK NOTCH! (but nice CPU)