Jolla @CES2022 News

Post here the news that you find about Jolla and its AppSupport.


About using SailfishOS in vehicule infotainment, there was a commit in lipstick last month about not loading the battery notifier if the device has no battery, see

This indicates that indeed Jolla is actively updating the system to support device continuously connected to power supply like embedded systems.


Regardless of android apps jolla venturing into the automotive opens a window for native apps. Ie PureMaps could be used for navigation in a vehicle if it adds a feature or two and gets tested better.


Thinking a bit more into it even the base system will need to get a lot of improvements to handle the automotive needs. Like (possibly) multiple screens which lipstick doesn’t support at the moment and speech commands which we also don’t have in the base os.

Those things can be open source and we have solutions that are not the greatest but can be improved upon.

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pity we didn’t migrate the old forum:

Press release from Jolla: January 4, 2022:

Run Android Apps Seamlessly without the Need or Cost of Android Automotive


It’s great to see Jolla finding new sources of income.
The things i as a sailfish X user miss in android support is Wi-Fi Direct and bluetooth.

And with the QT Automotive Suite, I would say, when can we get a car running on Sailfish OS :slight_smile:
I know Rimac is already running their car UI on QT, just not with Sailfhish OS as their backbone. And I don’t know any other brand using QT yet.

There are: Mercedes-Benz' MBUX is Built with Qt

Those enormous screens are idiotic to say at least. No matter the underlying tech. Your “job” when you are in a car is to drive it and you don’t want to be distracted.


Me, many others and the manufacturers want big, bigger, biggest screens. :wink:
and now?
personal taste is not necessarily the taste oft the majority nor the trend