Jolla C2 Community Phone - Demonstration

Jolla C was sold out before i could buy one
Had to travel to india to get an intex
Now turkey is not on my bucket list, so ordered mine without checking anything …

Now seriosly: several people did ask for an official supported non sony phone. Now they do do one. What is left here to discuss ?


And what kind of features can we expect on this phone camera (rear and front) ?

An interesting question. On the Sony devices, camera functionality ranges from barely adequate (i.e. In good light) on the XA2 to almost unusable (for anything that moves) on the X10 iii. The solution to all these problems is apparently the Camera 2 API, but Jolla don’t have the time or resources to implement it and are looking to the community to do the work instead. So, if the C2 is similarly stuck with the ancient Camera 1 API, then presumably functionality will be much the same as it is on the Sony phones?

Thanks for your insight Steve!

Can you tell if we can expect any fancy features such as portrait mode, night mode, smart hdr, deep fusion etc?

Just curiosity, as i actually prefer simple phones.

The less stuff, the better, as less things tend to fall apart with time.

I guess that is subjective as my Xperia 10 produced great photos. They fully satisfied my needs.

@jollijolla: If you use YT you’ll find some answers about camera there. Try Sailfish OS reviews.

I believe the SFOS autofocus issues with the X10 iii are unique to the Mk iii (and possibly iv and v as well I wonder?), and do not affect earlier models like the X10 and X10 ii, but I may be wrong as I don’t have those phones.

I agree camera quality is subjective, but functionality isn’t really - it either works properly, or it doesn’t.

Also, how the camera performs under Android seems to be different to how it performs under SFOS, because of the different software drivers, or so this forum tells me.

The specifications I’ve found says nothing about the software involved. There are only technical specs.

Rear cameras

  • 64 MP ultrawide
  • 8 MP wide
  • 2 MP macro

Front camera

  • 16 MP

Nope. I have a ‘no returns by default’ policy BUT, you pay shipping and I’ll repair the device until it, or I, am finally beyond hope :slight_smile:

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Do you know what kernel they use on this phone?