Jolla C problem with Whatsapp

Hi to all.
Since about 20 days i have the same problem with two jolla C devices.
The OS version in both devices is
The application is the latest available, but I have tried older versions as well.
I’m not able to upload and download media.
If I send photo or documents I see only the preview with the tab try again.
If I receive photo I see the preview and if I try to download it I receive the error:
“Download failed. Download not completed. Try again later”
Please help me and my wife :grinning:

I’d noticed this too.
“Download failed. The download was unable to complete. Please try again later.”
WhatsApp is from ‘Store’
Jolla C

Perhaps that version of WhatsApp is too old?

Hi, the version is up to date.
It is the latest available in the store.
Thx for everyone’s help

The newest WA version I see on is Is your one a beta maybe?

Same on Xperia X Compact (WA version

I have activated the option of
Early access to Sailfish OS releases.
But I tried old versions of whatsapp too with the same problem.
Thx to all

Hello everyone.
Whatsapp version has become available.
Installed it and the problem is solved on all jolla C devices!!!
Thanks for the help to all.