Jolla C not charging


I have a Jolla C that I’m no longer using as primary phone, so I was playing around and trying to disable everything I don’t need to prolong battery life and seems like I messed up something. My hope is that it is a software issue, I was messing up with mcetool. Now my Jolla can’t be charged. Whenever I plug in charger (tried multiple cables and multiple chargers) nothing happens. I can take battery out and charge it separatelly, but it is really inconvenient. It doesn’t charge even when turned off. Does anybody has any idea what could I do wrong? It might be a weird coincidence - that something died hardware-wise in the phone just as I was messing with mcetool, but I hope it is just some wrong setting.

Or maybe an easier question, can somebody post me theirs working mcetool settings? Or is there a way to revert those to defaults? I can try to adjust it back if I knew what working values were and if I had taken a track of what I changed… :frowning:

On device, you can check out mcetool help with command - mcetool --long-help

Also, see Sailfish cheat Sheet;

Asp per the cheat sheet details on mcetool;

Reset all mce values:

`systemctl stop mce.service`
 `rm /var/lib/mce/builtin-gconf.values`
 `systemctl start mce.service`

I had an idea how to use it, but didn’t recall what I changed. Hmmm, this way of resetiing seems pretty stright forward, but also looks like something Factory reset will do :frowning: Will try once my battery charges again, thanks!