Jolla 1 doesn't start anymore

on startup my jolla1 stopping in logo step ;
i have try to recovery mode , pushing volume - on start but nothing happens
can’t connect in ssh or telnet
can’t mount mobile partitions .

is brocked? or is some way for reflashing completely ?


Did you follow this guide?

Or take a look here:

for reflashing m have you a tutorial to suggest me?

thank you

i will try another time, i’m usually use Mageia Linux, but telenet don connect to indicate ip from my desktop.
i will try to day by windows 10 .


ok with windows i’m connected but:

for shell 4 ask me the lock code, that does not recognize

for btrfs 5 : segmentation fault
umount: can’t umount /mnt/ : invalid argument
enabling repair mode
Couldn’t open file system

for reset device to factory state 1
segmentation fault
[error] can’t mount ‘/dev/bmcb1k028p’ to ‘/mnt’


I asked basically the same thing with nearly the same title a while ago.