I've got an error: "No OS version and packages satisfy package requirements:"

Hello guys, could you help me please ?

When I upload my binary file to Jolla Harbour, I get an error: ‘No OS version and packages satisfy package requirements:’. This is the exact and complete error message, and it stops after ‘satisfy package requirements:’. What can i do with it ?

Also please provide me with an understanding of where I need to set the ‘OS version’.

I found the reason. In my *.spec file, I had ‘Requires: sqlite.’ After removing this line, everything works.

So, I decided to include sqlite directly in my project.

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That doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Maybe the package is sqlite3 instead, or something else?

You shouldn’t depend on the package name, but on the library. libsqlite3.so.0 for a C++ project, or python3dist(sqlite3) for a python project. And usually you shouldn’t add even those manually, as those should be automatically detected.

See Allowed APIs | Sailfish OS Documentation for a list of what’s allowed in Harbour.