Ist the documentation for getting CalDAV/CardDAV sync logs faulty?

Hi there!

I had an issue with my CardDAV account and tried debugging it. I found two documents that describe how to obtain logs:
CalDAV and CardDAV Community Contributions | Sailfish OS Documentation and
Collect Synchronization Logs | Sailfish OS Documentation

The first one states to run msyncd like this:


The second one wants me to do this:

MSYNCD_LOGGING_LEVEL=8 msyncd 2>&1 | cat > msyncd.log

The first command seems to work nicely while the second starts with a warning, supposedly because I’m root:

** (process:14664): WARNING **: 14:08:53.479: Incorrect ownership on accounts privilege directory

The sync fails because it is searching for the configuration file in the root file system:

 Profile file not found: "/root/.local/share/system/privileged/msyncd/sync/carddav.Contacts-24.xml"

Is my sailfish OS borked or is the documentation wrong?

Yes, I believe the devel-su calls should really be devel-su -p for all msyncd stuff.

This elevates to privileged user group, but not root.


So this should work?

devel-su -p
MSYNCD_LOGGING_LEVEL=8 msyncd 2>&1 | cat > msyncd.log

I tried it and it seems so. Nice!

Okay, I’m gonna give that page an overhaul. While I’m at it: I think it would be nice to see the output while collecting the logs. Shouldn’t it work to replace cat > by tee like so?

devel-su -p
MSYNCD_LOGGING_LEVEL=8 msyncd 2>&1 | tee msyncd.log

It works for me but I’m not sure whether tee is part of a standard installation :wink:

Well, I created a pull request :wink:

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  • | cat > is superfluous anyway, it can be substituted by a simple >. I cannot see any corner-case when this would not apply.
  • tee is always there on SailfishOS, IIRC it is an shell internal command for both bash and busybox (using the usual options Jolla compiles busybox with).
  • It is always nicer to see something while logging, so this is definitely an improvement.