Issues with the Camera UI

There are a number of issues to the UI with the way it behaves the features it presents to the user and general usability. Its probably one of the most unSailfishOS apps in the whole OS. Most if not all of the issues appeared in the last iteration which seems like it came from a person that never used SFOS in his life.

  1. Tap instead of gesture based settings. (ISO, flash etc)
  2. Slide your finger anywhere on the screen and the app switches from photo to video.
  3. Unlimited zoom area. You might be touching the screen with the way you hold the phone (quite common with today’s screen sizes) and zoom unintentionally.
  4. Some settings are not easily available from the camera interface (you have to use the settings in the OS)

Obviously the above don’t include the large amounts of features expected from a smartphone camera app but that is not the purpose of this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree, especially with point 1 and 2. The top menu (timers, flash, iso) should be brought down with a swipe and still/video switching should be just a button.

Also, an up/down swipe when viewing taken photos should bring you back to camera (as such swipe brings you back to photo grid in gallery).


Number 2 drives me crazy.
I wish that i was able to switch of the function that change between photo or video by swiping, i much rather tap the icons.
I can’t count how many times i switch between photo or video by mistake when i don’t want to switch, i missed many “kodak moments” because of it.
I have no problem with the camera UI except switching between photo or video by swiping.