Issues with SDK hostname

I’ve found two issues with latest SDK using docker (probably vbox version has same issue):

if you add device with hostname i.e. “Zenfone5z” it will make it lowercase “zenfone5z” and it won’t connect.

second issue is missing host search parameter in /etc/resolv.conf making lan hostname resolution not working and you need to use FQDN

RFC1178 gives:

Don’t expect case to be preserved.

     Upper and lowercase characters look the same to a great deal of
     internet software, often under the assumption that it is doing
     you a favor.  It may seem appropriate to capitalize a name the
     same way you might do it in English, but convention dictates
     that computer names appear all lowercase.  (And it saves
     holding down the shift key.)

I wouldn’t blame the SDK for normalizing the name, but rather whatever software fails to actually look it up. Or possibly the configuration thereof; perhaps it expects or works best with lowercase entries.

DNS in general should be case-insensitive with lowercase as the normal representation (RFC952, RFC4343 etc).

And also guess who set hostname to be uppercase? that’s right it was jolla and their hardware sdk

While not particularly nice, it is still the resolver that is failing the hardest. Lookup should not be case-sensitive.
My Xperia 10 calls itself Sailfish, but i have no issue resolving either sailfish or Sailfish, be it from docker or the regular shell.