Issues with provider EE (ex T-Mobile) APN etc. in the UK

The topic has gone sideways, please can admin correct this?

Was device running AOSP 11 or 12 prior to installation of Sailfish OS? Quite often advisable to return to AOSP to set up telephony with new SIM to avoid issues. Ironically in UK whilst EE had completely re-branded T-Mobile by 2014, Jolla still haven’t managed to incorporate EE APN settings within setup.

AOSP 11. Im already past “flashing back to android”. Calling works sometimes, sometimes it is not. But it’s not the only problem. Phone app is just buggy imo and doesn’t have some basic options like call blocking.

I already made my mind. Os itself is really weak and I just don’t have time to try to fix it.

I work for the company that reqiuers having fully functional phone with mobile data, telephony, gps and jolla just can’t provide that and this fact didn’t change for the last year. In fact it got much worse.

The topic has gone sideways, please can admin correct this?

If you want EE APN you can do it by yourseff.
Just make commit here mobile-broadband-provider-info/serviceproviders.xml at master · sailfishos/mobile-broadband-provider-info · GitHub

@aspergerguy check if this commit is ok Change t-mobile UK to EE and update to current EE credentials by atlochowski · Pull Request #16 · sailfishos/mobile-broadband-provider-info · GitHub


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Thanks for heads up, I find that I need eezone as MMS APN as per attached screenshot:

Your password is really secure :wink:
Added credentials to config file.

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