Is Vodafone reliable on a device with Sailfish?

I am going to change the mobile provider of my Sailfish phone.
Formerly I had Simyo (KPN) and recently Ben (T-mobile). Woth the latter I can only log in by doing a ReCaptcha, which I dislike because of Google snooping around (screenshot plus cookies). An app by Ben does not work.
What about Vodafone? Does it work properly with Sailfish?

In which country? I have always used Vodafone Italy with Sailfish without any issues.

Vodafone Germany no problem except for the usual network problems as at present.

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Thanks. I live in The Netherlands. Good to hear that it’s no problem in Italy.

Ben/T-mobile used to work well, but the Dutch branch has been sold and isn’t German anymore.

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I use Vodafone since many years in Italy and I have to say it’s better than others, for example Vodafone is quicker in network reconnection after signal is lost.
It also showed my pebble finds the location quickly when my phone is using Vodafone instead of another mobile network.
Also used in France for some days last months and everythink worked fine.

Italy has always been our favorite holiday country, although we couldn’t go there the last two years but good to hear that the Vodafone network is ok there too. :slight_smile:

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Vodafone Germany no problem.

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XA2, 4.4.
Vodafone Germany Prepaid since 2017
Roaming in

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • UK

Works. Most versions of MyVodafone app did work, too.

So no problems with the switch from 3G/4G either. Then I will go for it. Thanks to you all.

2 Prepaid SIM’s, 2 different subproviders both of Vodafone España, no problems, works like a charm on Xperia 10.

I can confirm that Vodafone NL works for Sailfish devices, and I’ve used it since 2013 on the Jolla phone and since last year on the XA2. Early this year, I swiched to Simyo actually.

Using them via Reseller (Fyve) in Germany. For German standards all fine.

Hello everybody, at first I tried Vodafone. Then I read that they use TrustPid, like T-Mobile and Orange. It is a surveillance tool invented by Vodafone, very tricky. Now I am going to Simyo, KPN. Hopefully they are not going to implement TrustPid.

Vodafone works fine in Spain. It installs an additional SIM app, that shows ‘Servicios Vodafone’, that app hangs and/or does nothing on the SFOS, but can be stopped without additional influencing. Apart from that everything works very fine with Vodafone Spain on Volla + Sony X10.

I can confirm that it works hassle free. However TrustPid is not fine at all. Vodafone started with this and T-Mobile and Orange copied it. It is a nasty surveillance tool. Vodafone says they do it to prevent data going to others and now Vodafone sells the data itself to advertisers.

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This is all against GDPR for there is no possibility to give consent or to escape it.

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What is TrustPid and GDPR?

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TrustPid is a tracking tool initiated by Vodafone. Deutsche Telekom and Orange are using it too. Hard to avoid, I am afraid. I am going now back to Simyo, a daughter of KPN.
GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation. You can search for These are rules made by the EU in order to protect our privacy.

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Q1: does it work on SFOS phone?
Q2: Does it store anything on the phone or is it rather a privider internal data collection, what websites a subscriber (or company’s client) visits?
Q3: is it possible to erase something from the phone to protect the phone from spying?