Is there any kind of possibility to get back a deleted mp4 video file?

So i tried to (once again) fiddle with Telegram and video sending (Android compatibility mode) and Telegram crashed every time. I then attempted to send the same file to my friend and his phone through KDE Connect (but the file sending failed after several attempts) for him to forward that video…

Then i recalled Bluetooth but accidentally DELETED that precious video file supposed to get to another person :confused: because the trashcan icon and share icon and so close to each other and i was driving (i know) and i realized the delete indicator moving to final deletion too late, now it is gone from the Gallery.

Is there any kind of chance to still salvage that deleted mp4 file of accidental tap?? Isn’t Sailfish OS using btrfs? I have heard it has some sort of bette rollback ability?

Omg i feel so sad (and very failed) now. Thanks if there could be any help.

That will be tricky. I don’t recommend to do anything without proper knowledge of Linux/Shell usage.

What device are you using actually? It makes a difference if you have a J1, Xperia X , XA2 or 10.

I assume that doing a disk backup is a good first step (doing ssh nemo@... "dd if=..." | dd of=jolladisk.img to be able to analyze the image on a PC.

If, by chance , your file is on the memory card, try photorec ( with your pc.

It’s Jolla 1. There is this program called Testdisk to recover, but i suppose that doesn’t help here. I don’t have a clue what to do with that command you gave? I download a terminal app to my phone and put it there?

No it’s not :confused: only the default storage of this Jolla one phone in use.