Is there a way to use GooglePay or similar?

I have almost everything I need to use Sailfish as a daily-driver. Only Modern Auth for Exchange is missing and GooglePay.

I haven’t carried my CC’s for ages and would like to continue on that path. Is there any way to use GooglePay or similar? I have Sony xperia 10 II. I have installed GooglePay, but it doesn’t start.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I’m sorry I can’t answer your question but I bought a cheap (120 €) Garmin watch instead. It’s more practical as I always carry it (e. g. while swimming) and I wouldn’t want to inform Google about my consuming habits anyway.

The short answer is “no”.

It has two reasons;
First, the Android runtime does not have NFC access, and i don’t see that changing.

Second, the Android runtime needs to pass “security” checks like SafetyNet. Quotation marks because it seems to deal with lock-in first and security second, if at all. Clever people doing custom Android seems to have a pretty good grasp on how to achieve this, but i can’t recall having seen this done on SFOS, at least recently. And there is bound to be an arms race, at least for important things like payments.

The more feasible solution would be to get some payment provider like Fidesmo, that is already working with virtual cards, involved in making a native app. This is of course highly unlikely too, but at least more likely in my opinion. They have lots of wearables available through their partners; Fidesmo
I have one so i guess i could go cardless, but i’d feel naked without an actual wallet.