Is there a way to suppress pop-up notifications for SMS

Or even all pop-up notifications in general?


I did post this when the board was new. Not to necrobump, but this may have never gotten seen then and it’s a pressing need for me.

I don’t believe there are any settings that let you do this. You could however patch the NotificationsPreview.qml file found in /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/notifications/ folder.

At the top of the file you should find the line:
property bool showNotification: notification != null && (notification.previewBody || notification.previewSummary)

Comment out that line and add this instead:
property bool showNotification: false

That will stop all pop up notifications. This comes with the usual warnings about backing up, being careful when changing system files and reversing the patch before updating.

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Do you just use the terminal to edit or do you have a preferred editor?

with the notification preview patch you can reduce 1


Thanks, I’ll try this first.