Is there a way to get Yandex music working?

Hi, I’m new here and I been wanting to get into sailfish for a long time. Finally there is a decent sale on Xperia 10 II and I want to jump on it but I have one reservation, I use Yandex music a lot at work, basically 85% of my shift.

I know the aurora os fork is developed by Russians so was wondering if anyone know if there is some way that I could keep listening to my music with Yandex music if I took the jump?

I would hate for that to be the only anchor to Android.

Android app works fine wirh Waydroid …

That is great news. I guess bluetooth audio doesn’t work, but headphone jack does right?

I got my Xperia 10 II now and installed free version of sailfish waiting to see if there is a black friday sale or not. If not I will buy the full license but I tried to find instructions for installing waydroid while waiting but I couldn’t find any for this model.

Is it only some models it works on?

Bluetooth audio works for me. Mind you, I do have some Chinese BT headphones but I never had issues with connecting them and listening to music through them.
If you don’t get a response here about waydroid here, you might want to try on Telegram too. Sailfish OS Fan Club is the name of the group.

thanks for your reply. I think I started figuring out waydroid but I will check out the telegram group also!

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Easily installable through chum… Search this forum for info about chum, (e.g. Announcing sailfishos:chum), and you can add repo and install throigh zypper, or download packages from Index of /obs/sailfishos:/chum

Thanks I just got it running with a lot of help from the telegram group mentioned earlier. I will test it out and get the full licence as soon as I know if there is a sale or not.