Is there a record voice app for sailfish?

I am looking for recording my voice. is there an app that can be used in sailfish?


There is Recorder in the store. From the translation strings it seems that an official Jolla made recorder is also coming. Not sure when though.


Which is simple, straight-forward and does its job quite well. Just do not expext to use it for a live music sampling :wink:


The interface (buttons) is kind of weird, and it doesn’t seem to scale nicely (on my xz2c at least) but yeah. All in all is simple and gets the job done. And it doesn’t seem to work with the mic from my headset but i need to look into that further.


My Jolla C just updated to SFOS 4 shows the Audio Recorder - it has a circular red icon. Also a QR code reader.

I can’t see either of them in the store.

You have to turn on the QR code reader in the camera settings.

The recorder is MIA.

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There still is the recorder app in the Jolla Store.


In the meanwhile, if you have a terminal installed in your phone you may refresh repositories with ‘devel-su pkcon refresh’ and confirm with password shown in Settings/System/Development-Tools. Now type ‘pkcon install sailfish-audiorecorder’ and confirm with your login code. Voila, the new recorder.


@jovirkku can you tell us a bit about the new recorder? Is it considered ready and will be in the store soon or there are bugs and that’s why its hidden?