Is there a New Device on the Horizon? If not, should I try to replace my XA2?

There it is in the title.
My XA2 is starting to show its age, and I mean physically. Might break soon.
(And I have a feeling that apps are getting slightly more demanding, and XA2 isn’t very fast, maybe, but that’s not my main reason)

Should I wait for a new device? Is there something in development?
If not, please share your opinions if I would benefit from switching to a slightly newer, more powerful (?) of the supported devices.

I use Xperia 10 II, coming from Jolla1, it’s a breath of fresh air. Others are using Xperia 10 III, both currently supported by Jolla. Never owned/used and XA2, so cannot make a direct comparison.

If there are newer devices on the horizon, I’m unaware and not looking as I’m happy with my Xperia 10 II.

Do you mean your XA2 is lowering in performance or the apps/web are becoming too heavy?
In the former, I’d try to save $HOME and reflash.

About changing device, I think XA2 is working very well appart the GPS problem occuring to some devices. It seems to me seing more bugs reported on 10 models. Impression perhaps biased by the fact there are less XA2 users noadays.
I’d continue on XA2 because it is cheap and well shaped for my needs. If I loose it, it is less bad because it costs about 80€, even less today.
So I even made a clone XA2, usable right away.
Keeping using old tech is also a way to avoid being too much in the tech rush/waste in my opinion.

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I was a little unclear there, I will edit my OP now. I have the impression that, as development continues, apps are getting slightly more resource intensive, and maybe XA2 isn’t the fastest even compared to other SFOS devices.

But really this alone would not be a reason to move away from my XA2.

Smartphones are not well-built as a rule, and I suspect this one could fail critically (e.g. some button stops working) eventually.

I might try to find a lesser used XA2 as replacement, but just as well I might try to find a newer/faster one - hence my question.

I have an Xperia XA2 and a Xperia 10 and - from the form factor perspective - far prefer the XA2. Of course this is just an opinion, but personally I’ll rebuy an XA2 if needed (from ebay or so).