Is SignalApp working via linux install?

I hear some complaints that SignalApp via Android way doesnt work all the time.

As sailfish is linux based, it should function via the Signal Linux installation.

Has anybody tested this succesfully?

There is signal for sailfish, it is called whisperfish, better try this. However, I have the impression that recent signal delivery problems are server side, as android and ios devices are affected as well.

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I have not experienced serious issues with the Signal Android installation on Sailfish. Exactly what does “doesn’t work all the time” mean, some errors come up, messages are quietly lost, never get sent off the phone, something else? (I haven’t tried Whisperfish)

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JFR: Signal >> Signal Android APK

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Sailfish OS is Linux indeed, but it’s not desktop-y enough that you could just install Signal Desktop on it. The Signal Android works just fine on Android App Support (it’s been a good while since I last tried it though) - I don’t know what’s the status is on Waydroid.

Whisperfish is indeed a native Signal client, and while we are working hard to make it better and more complete, it currently has some notable features missing or broken, so please check if it can currently do everything you need id to - above everything else, make sure you accompany it with Signal Desktop on your computer.

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DavidRasch - WhisperFish isnt official or written by Signal, therefore how can we rely on it to be secure?

ExTechOp, you havnt experienced yourself? (“messages are quietly lost, never get sent off the phone”)
This is what I read occurs, but I didnt verify

drec85, you say accompany whisperfish with signal desktop - Is this so that for example if one client doesnt receive a msg, the other client will? To run both clients at the same time?

Ideally I would like to run just 1 client, I dont need many feature at all, only to msg my contact list, and occasionally send a video. nothing more

Well, on onr hand the developper says it is secure and it is a matter of trust (that carries for me in this particular case). On the other hand it is open source and you could check, if you happen to haave the know-how.

The signal android app works fine on my xperia 10 II. The only issue is the oom-killer sometimes killing the app, and seemingly the underlying service for notifications.

I use Signal on a daily basis with my 10 III, did so with my XA2 and X. It just works.

Which version WT.Sane?

I used Sailfish as a daily driver with Android Support and Signal from the Xperia X in October 2017 until now with the 10 III. I never missed a Sailfish OS Update and rarely one of Signal. I learned that I am much happier with a stock system and tend to avoid modifications and patches.

My current 10 III is on

  • SF OS 4.5-0-24 and
  • Signal is at 6.41.3.
  • WT.Sane is personally still sort of beta but progressing well

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Salut @WT.Sane,

When you say that you use Signal daily on your Xperia 10 iii, is your use case just messaging?

In my experience in Sailfish on my Xperia 10iii, messaging and attachments work fine, but calling and video calls don’t work reliably or at all. Did you get voice or video calls to work reliably in Signal?

Merci en avance !

For me Signal is working with video and voice call on a 10 III.
I installed the actual version of Signal from aurora store.
I have no mircog or google things installed, standard android support only.
By the way it’s the same situation with conversation…

Hello Jollyswan,

indeed I use voice calls, too. I am not sure wether video calls work. I did not test that and video calls for me are sort of a work thing I don’t do in my private life.

There were issues with voice calls in former SFOS versions when connected via WiFi. But these are long gone.

I get my Signal APKs at tje Signal website directly.

(no micro-g or anything like that here, too.)

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Voice and video calls are working fine for me on my 10 III with microG with some “ifs”.

  • if I initiate the call myself
  • if I start with a voice call and upgrade it to video after the call is established

Sometimes it may work without those “ifs”, but that way it works reliably.
Messaging works fine, too.

Calls and messages might be missed if Signal is OOM-killed (again), therefore I have a look if signal is still running every now and then.