Is MB.OS using Jolla's AppSupport?

I saw Mercedes just announced MS.OS. Software architects: Mercedes-Benz previews its operating system MB.OS

Says it supports Android. Is this using Jolla’s excellent AppSupport?

The article states that Nvidia is providing the software. I dunno if it’s true or not.

Reading the article, they use nvidia Jetpack which to my knowledge doesn’t work on Android. On the other hand, I doubt they run driving and entertainement/ui on the same host and BMW just ditched their own Linux and switched to Android automotive.

There is an interesting bit inside this article:

A precursor to MB.OS will already be available in the new E-Class starting in 2023 with the third generation of MBUX. A new MBUX API for Android allows the installation of third-party apps, offering a better user experience compared to mirrored apps.

This API for Android is likely to be AppSupport.

They do not. However, given how much entertainment system crap gets integrated into the steering wheel, I’d argue it doesn’t matter from a ‘functional safety’ vantage point. :frowning:

‘is a new purpose-built chip-to-cloud architecture’ whoa. What a lot of bullshit in one press release. Jeez, we’ve implemented networking! ‘Value add, Value add, Value add!’

So, my bus was built 1993. I’m NEVER getting a newer vehicle. Well, maybe up to 1996. (someone hold me to that).


It also states that the latest partnership is with Google for the maps.
Android auto coming to Mercedes?

Though then also:

MB.OS is designed and developed in-house to retain full control over the customer relationship, ensure data privacy, and to leverage the unique integration of all car functions.

Sounds like MER?

And indeed, the devil is in the details:

Mercedes-Benz will be the first automaker to build its own branded navigation experience based on new in-car data and navigation capabilities from the Google Maps Platform – embedded into MB.OS.

So it sounds like MB.OS is not “just” an android? If that’s the case, way to go Jolla! \o/

Android Auto is the thing when you connect your Android phone to your car’s enterainment system. I think you mean android Automotive.

Not sure about that. AppSupport predates binder and also doesn’t need kernel modules like Waydroid does (those kernel modules provide hw acceleration), but I’m not sure it’s able to run without libhybris and an Android kernel. Maybe they heavily reworked it and the background and now work with a mainline Kernels that have the Android modules in it.

Well, that would mean the basic SFOS would not need hybris either, no?
I recall having read here and there that there was some issues with Android 11 & hybris.

Its always good to get rid of layers, when they become obsolete.
Of course Mercedes also has the pockets to take eventual risks in development.

Sounds like they might have hinged a good deal.

About the Android automotive:

Android Automotive is a base Android platform that runs pre-installed IVI system Android applications as well as optional second- and third-party Android Applications.

that indeed appears to be an android (lets drop the debate “binder in the kernel === android” please).

Jolla will never make the effort to mainline the Xperia kernels lmao. They’re just replacing libhybris with their new abstraction on top of binder.

So that again means theres no hybris in SFOS anymore .

Jolla will never make the effort to mainline the Xperia kernels lmao.

I think you are making a point I am missing here, so I will stop now :slight_smile: