Is it possible to override locale setting for specific Android apps?


I was wondering if I can change locale settings on an per app basis for Android apps.

Background: I have device locale setting set to en_UK for language, but time/currency/number format I’d like to be german.

So far I had no issues with Sailfish apps, but some Android apps only recognize en_UK as locale and use it for all formats.

Can I change that for specific apps?

Generally speaking, you can temporarily change the locale for any application on GNU/Linux, like this:

LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 sailfish-browser

I’m not sure if that applies to Android, too.

That doesn’t work unfortunately.

Sorry, this is a bit off-topic but somewhat related:

I recommend en_IE instead of en_UK when setting l10n env vars, as that solves the currency part.

(Of course, English(Ireland) is not a supported lanuage in SFOS).

To just adjust output of dates, currency, and numbers, the variables LC_TIME, LC_MONETARY, and LC_NUMERIC can be used.

Also, if you like ISO dates, you can use LC_TIME=en_DK or (for GNU utilities) TIME_STYLE=iso.


Back on topic, does setting the language in android settings to ‘English(Germany)’ work?

If I knew, how to change locale settings for Android, I could tell you. As far as I can see, Android has no seperate settings for locale, it just takes the same locale as configured in Sailfish.

But I’ll try en_IE as default system locale.