Is it possible to make Image clone?


I customize and install with some apps, patches, own icondesign… etc. on Xperia 10.
I like to make an Image Clone, to install it on another Xperia 10 for my friend. So that he has a 1:1 copy of my changes and installation.

Is this possible? How?

Thanks in advance

You can create and release a “Community Edition” SailfishOS build using the freely available components. People can then flash that image to their phone.

However, as licensed versions of SFOS are tied to (1) phone and account, even if it were possible technically it would not be legal to do the same with an official version (IANAL though).


@nephros Ok thanks, I understand.
I don’t know how to create a “Community Edition” SailfishOS build yet, but I’ll be able to figure that out. If you have a link or know a tutorial to learn, I would be grateful.

But I have a licensed version. Is it possible to take off the license, after all installations and before creating an image file? Otherwise I would have to reinstall everything without license and modify everything again before creating the image file.

I do not want to bypass the license. I find the price very reasonable for such a wonderful operating system.

One more question has occurred to me. Can this image only be installed on the same cell phone (in my case Xperia 10), or is it possible for all cell phones recommended by Jolla?

The official images once downloaded can be installed on as many phones as you like.

But you need to purchase a license for each one if you want access to the licenced features (Exchange, Android Support etc.). The association of a phone with the license is done when registering the device with the Jolla account after flashing/booting.