Is it possible to install sailfish on Surface Duo

I have read somewhere the bootloader should allow to install ther OS thus it might be possible.

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As with all custom ROMs and ports to new devices, the question is always “Maybe.”

Given the price point of the Surface Duo, and its unique form factor, even if Sailfish is ported, it will not be as simple as plug-and-play. Support for various components and features requires drivers, and blobs are the primary method for that type of thing. Following that is support in the OS to take advantage of the device features.

The reason Sony was chosen for official support from Jolla is because of Sony’s willingness to make their devices more open for end users and developers, on a level that competing companies don’t quite do. They’re one of the few mainstream phone manufacturers doing this.

I rather doubt Microsoft is going to share that mindset for what seems like a flagship device with a high price and unique software support. This will be a community port, if it ever comes, and there won’t be any changes to Sailfish to properly use that hardware, especially when things like Silica are closed-source, and that’s one of the components that would need substantial tweaks to make it work with the Duo’s dual-screen form factor. Sailfish isn’t really built as that kind of multi-tasking OS (yet) so this isn’t practical anyway.

Consider checking the Devices subforum to see all the devices supported, both official and community.

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Sure you are totally right … I missed the driver problem. I normally use lenovo thinkpads. These machines are very vell supported by linux kernel.

BTW is there any tablet on which sailfish runs, which can be bought some where

There is a SailfishOS x86_64 project built on top of Ubuntu… You might look at that and a Surface (even an older one would probably be fine). But there is no ISO image file yet, so you have to know what you’re doing… And it’s currently in Alpha, some things are broken. So, if you want to you can. But keep in mind the above ^^^.

I’d say that’s probably your best option, as finding a SailfishOS tablet would be difficult as they are rare…