Is it possible to install real bash (or any other shell) with current versions of SFOS?

The title. I noticed it was replaced by busybox and I can’t find it in the repositories.

zypper in gnu-bash
And select option 1 to remove busybox-symlinks-bash.
You can also replace other BusyBox symlinks:

zypper in gnu-sed gnu-tar gnu-gzip gnu-which gnu-findutils gnu-coreutils gnu-diffutils procps-ng psmisc-tools


Thank you very much!

These are not necessary, and IMHO those packages are a regression compared with the busybox because they are pretty older versions compared to the busybox. Moreover, if you would like to update the busybox with the full features and last stable version 1.36.1, I suggest the static version:

Before going for these RPM installations, please read the

Which brings information specifically for that build and the busybox in general.

Heh, I didn’t know :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for explanation and links

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