Is it possible to completely skip the Startup Wizard?

My Jolla Phone JP-1301 has an unresponsive area at the bottom of the touch screen. Some time ago I attempted factory reset in a hope to fix that. Now, when I turn the phone on, the Startup Wizard runs, and I can’t get through it. On the “Get the full Jolla experience with a Jolla account” screen, I can’t tap on the “skip” link at the bottom of it. If I choose to “Sign in”, the startup proceeds, but I anyway get stuck on the screen where extra accounts should be added. I can’t tap on the button “Skip” at the bottom of the screen, and adding an account (eg. Twitter) doesn’t make any difference. No extra buttons appear.

At the same time, if I connect the device to a PC, I can access the home directory (.config, .local, etc) from over there. So my question is: can I somehow skip the Startup Wizard completely just to be taken straight to the home screen / menu? Maybe edit some text file in the home directory to make the Startup Wizard think that the phone is already configured?

I’m very keen to use this phone and Sailfish OS, but the unavailability of screen replacements and this unfortunate Startup WIzard problem makes me almost desperate…

Don’t know if it will work, but you can try creating an empty file named .jolla-startupwizard-done in your home directory, and reboot the phone.


That was really helpful! Thanks A LOT!

While waiting for your response, though, I managed to find the actual name of the Setup Wizard: jolla-startupwizard. This, in turn, took me to some search results. Among of them, a recommendation to create three files:


I’m not sure whether .jolla-startupwizard-done is sufficient or not, though.

However, the phone is seen as a gvfs-mtp mount on my Debian PC. I was able to see the files but didn’t manage to create anything (“Operation not supported”). At that point, recovery mode turned out helpful, and here’s the comprehensive way to disable “Setup Wizard”, just for future users, should they come across the same problem:

  1. Reach out to the recovery mode menu, select option “4) Shell” (you can find plenty of instructions elsewhere)

  2. mount -o subvol=@home /dev/mmcblk0p28 /mnt

  3. touch /mnt/nemo/.jolla-startupwizard-done

  4. touch /mnt/nemo/.jolla-startupwizard-sfos2-tutorial

  5. touch /mnt/nemo/.jolla-startupwizard-usersession-done

  6. umount /mnt

  7. Ctrl + D

  8. Select option “2) Reboot device”.


Tack så mycket! Fantastisk!