Is defender working?

So, i disabled sailjail so i could se blocker list and made update it overnight, everything went fine but i still see ads on the web, especially on youtube, despite having also the youtube ads blocker selected

I’m kinda tempted to think it works to some extent, as i can surf sites that are just a damn collection of ads, but since i still see ads here and there i’m wondering if defender is working for real

Any ideas?

Hosts based (DNS) blocking is becoming generally less reliable. Still works for me for many pages I visit but not for youtube and co. I just pull the hosts files by hand so, there is that…

So i guess it’s working but not as it used to be

Well i guess that explains…

There is also the question I forgot before. The location of hosts is not the same for SFOS and the Android layer. defender deals with that by linking or copying (?) so that also android apps have hosts based blocking. @peterleinchen is the proper person to ask, though :slight_smile:

Does not matter (for now) as i don’t have any android app installed

It’s just that i saw ads on yt and other sites so was wondering if the app was working or not…