Is a Xperia 10II already a legacy device?

Based on the Jolla Love Day 2 maybe my Xperia 10 II is already a legacy device as the Xperia 10 I or III.

A device using a legacy license.
Still supported, still available to buy a (discounted) legacy license.
What’s wrong with it?

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I just had a look at Supported devices and functionality | Developer World. The Xperia 10 II is not part of the Sony legacy devices, but still one AOSP device of the official maintained devices. See

. Then it will be supported for more then 1 year.

What is your point exactly? I don’t understand the connection between jolla and Sony in this case.
10 II is dead for Sony and didn’t get any OS update for 1-2 years now? Something like that.

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@tmindrup take a look at Supported Devices | Sailfish OS Documentation

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May I ask you to change the URI to the original destination and not routing it through google dot com, thanks!

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I want my cell phone to be supplied with updates from jolla for long enough. Otherwise, I’ll be buying another one Xperia 10 IV / V or JC2 soon.

No impact on that whatsoever has been communicated. You are reading your own interpretation into “legacy”.

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I mean with legacy this here:

All it was communicated to mean is that the licensing model is perpetual.
Any other meaning you read into it, you are inventing out of thin air.


@attah: Ok. Thank you for your explanation.