iRobot Home App

I was able to install the irobot home app from aptoide. Unfortunately, the versions there lag a few weeks behind the relases in play store. I also have aurora store installed, but there I cannot see or install the irobot home app. Does anyone know why?

i check it now in aurora store, is there

did you try change your device type in setting of Aurora Store?

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So apparently there is hope… Thank you for the reply.

I have an Xperia XA2 with SFOS 3.4.0. I used F-Droid to install microG 0.2.16 and Aurora Store 3.2.9. Signature Spoofing is enabled and in the self diagnosis of microG I see all tests passed.

When searching for the iRobot home app, it is not shown in the search results, when I click it in the “my apps” section, I do see the page of the app, but when I click on install I get the message: “App not available - Could not find the app. Try spoofing your device or change the account”. What is strange also: The version number of the app to install is not shown.

I did try to use other device IDs (FP2, Nexus, Samsung,…) with no success.

i was install it today, it works well (xa2+),
i have device Samsung Galaxy S3 (api25) in settings of AuroraStore

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