Integrate Mastodon/Fediverse in SFOS and on Homescreen (like Twitter)

I’m using Mastodon/The Fediverse for a couple of years and I always wished it to be as integrated into SFOS, as Twitter is, so I could see my stream on the homescreen or message screen. I don’t know the exact term, the screen that shows missed calls, the weather, calendar and … twitter.

With the recent brouhaha around Twitter and lot’s and lot’s of users migrating over to the Fediverse/Mastodon, I’d love to see this integrated into SFOS. Since the Fediverse all runs with free and open source software, it would make a perfect match with SFOS I think.

(By the way, I am reachable, if anyone asks.)


I did some touch-up work on tooter and it does do notifications, both the popups and on the notifications screen. Is that what you mean?


Nextcloud also announced that they would bring a new version of their social app which makes Nextcloud a Mastodon instance. For Nextcloud users like me this would be a nice feature as SFOS already has Nextcloud account data implemented.


I would also love to see a system account plugin for Mastodon. Just stream my home timeline into the notification screen as the Twitter plugin does. :+1:

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If I were to implement that, I could not longer use the app because it would spam my home screen to oblivion. I’d have to think of some rate limiting or filtering. I need to look at the notifications in more depth.

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The Twitter plugin shows only the timeline and new Followers, nothing more. If you tab on a posting the browser opens up.

My mastodon home includes a couple of bots that post frequently. As it is now, tooterb only posts reactions/follows, which is the way I like it. I can image making it a configurable, but I think I’d like to prioritize:

  1. copy toot link
  2. Fix audio rendering

take a look at the queue: Issues · poetaster/harbour-tooter · GitHub