Instructions to install paid version

instructions to install paid version from free Sailfish OS on xperia 10 iii


After you have paid the licence fee, it should be possible to download and install Android support without doing anything else, with your existing SFOS account with what you have previously installed the free version. Payment and former free licence must be the same Sailfish account.

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Okay thanks, so I don’t have to go back to Android to install the paid version.

Oh no!!! No need to flash back to Android! Only wait some time until Jolla did receive the payment and use the SFOS account with what the payment was made.
If it will not work, another option is to make a reset (in settings, last entry) and then enter the SFOS account credentials with what you made the payment. But no reflash is required!

With paid licence you can download and install Android support from (former) Jolla Store (no idea how this is now called/named after Jolla’s name change)

Perfect many thanks for help

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