Installing SDK on Win11

Has anyone had success with it? I’ve went with MSYS2 as it’s currently recommended option, but then trying to push a commit gives:
cannot run win-ssh-askpass: No such file or directory

(trying another install with Git Bash it gives the already reported ssh-keygen.exe missing error but at least maybe their custom openssh will manage to show a login/password prompt if I get that to it, ehhh)

edit: adding the exe files from latest release from here Releases · PowerShell/Win32-OpenSSH · GitHub to the Git/bin directory allows the installation to continue at least
EDIT2: so looks like Git Bash is still better if you use the SDK to push commits as the login flow works (I did install the above linked openssh package just in case even though have both client and server installed in the optional features, I guess win11 ones don’t work that well)
EDIT3: but it seems to have problems connecting to the build engine :confused: (disabling windows firewall after a clean reinstall of everything from the start seems to fix this, building is slower than with msys but at least git push works yay)