Installing Sailfish X on Sony XA2 that had a locked sim


I was wondering when new Sailfish hardware with reasonable size ala Xperia X will be available. As fallback I was looking at some used XA2, but all I could find were with locked sim. Of course the provider can unlock them, however I do not remember correctly if there was an issue flashing them.

I already shipped back one I bought new, because I could not flash and there was no time to experiment further.

So what is your experience and advice

If the carrier has bootlocked the phone, it cannot be unlocked, not even by Sony. discusses this in the answer.


you may check if the device is allowed to unlock folowing the first step described here.
Depending on the provider it may happen that the device got unlocked after two years automatically.

Thank you, but understand me, please.
I can only buy XA2 used and all of them I find are “branded”. Can I ask the provider to unlock the bootloader. Can the provider unlock the bootloader or they just remove the “branded” thing?

I don’t want to buy a phone and not be able to use it as intended.
What should I do?

The 10 is even worse than the XA2 in terms of size and quality, so I would prefer XA2. I have not heard recently that there will be a new device supported.

I would suggest that you would be able to flash a device with SIMlock and unlocked bootloader. In the official Installation is nothing mentioned that a device without SIMlock is mandatory, but I’ve no experience with it.

  • Unlocking the device for other SIM can only be done from the provider as far as I know,
  • Unlocking the bootloader has to be done from you (see my earlier post how to check if it is allowed)

What for problems you run into during flashing?

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Hi, thank you this is what I am wondering if it works.

OK here is the story (I give a bit longer version)

I bought Intex AquaFish 2016, but my wife got her hands on it. I bought Xperia X for myself and I am still using it. I have a friend he got excited about Xperia X and bought XA2. He had a very good experience, so I was willing to buy a device as replacement for the Intex or the Xperia X I use.

I ordered one while they were still available. I tried unlocking the bootloader in Linux and Windows reading numerous threads, however I have family and I am also working - I did not have the time to look for the issue. I returned it in the 14day return period.
BS story - on my friends XA2 unlocking and flashing worked just fine. On this one it didn’t.
Now you can find only used XA2 around 100,-€ I do not want to buy one and not be able to use it.

As long as jolla won’t sell any ready-to-use devices, we have to live with the risk of bricking the device.
And even if this happened, you’ll find here a very active and helpful community which will help you solving the problems.
Of course, all of this (flashing, preparing, etc.) costs a lot of time. But therefore you’ll keep your freedom and privacy and this will come always with a prize.

PS: There are some stores in the internet which offer already flashed devices, but they’re a bit shady to me.

yes, I think the same. I was just not sure if I buy a sim locked device, I would be able to even unlock the bootloader.
If you say it is possible, I would risk and try get an XA2. This way I will be not in hurry if I hit a problem as I will be not able to return it anyway :slight_smile:

I read some stories regarding USB-C and usb3 ports, which bothered me.
But it could have been anything. We’ll see what happens.


I didn’t know it was a problem. My XA2 locked to Tesco (UK) unlocked just fine. Solidus provided the link.

I’d suggest calling the carriers in your country and find out if their XA2s can be unlocked. Failing that, bid low prices on all the ones you see with Gixen. Worst case scenario is you have to resell it.

Remember to budget 50 Euros for AlienDalvik. :upside_down_face:

Regarding the USB3 issue: That could’ve been really the issue, if you used Ubuntu for example.
Further information and possible solutions can be found here.

Whilst I can’t tell the exact date that this procedure came available, I have successfully used qUnlock tool upon both Xperia X and later XZ3 which were carrier SIM locked as here:

I use debian stable, which is like the grandmother of ubuntu. I also think that most probably it was the issue, though I bought quality USB3 cable.
I am sorry there was no time to deal with it, but may be it was not my destiny to use XA2 now.

thanks anyway.

As I can’t edit original post, here is amended link:

Since original post later version of qUnlock tool 10.08.2020 released, which can now deal with newer Sony devices such as Xperia 10ii if should be chosen as next Jolla supported device.

interesting, but it is too expensive for one time operation - I may look into a shop that will charge me less to do the work - or the local provider that locked the sim

Bear in mind that two processes involved here network unlock and allowing bootloader unlock, where qUnlock tool accesses Sony servers to achieve this result. Asking local provider for network unlock may well achieve just that with device still showing “Bootloader unlock = No”.

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if you have read my posts carefully you would have noted that the Bootloader unlock allowed is saying Yes.
The problem is that I can not actually perform the unlock operation and I am not even sure why