Installing app with Aurora Store works once in ten

Hey Sailors.

All inside the title. Installing apps from aurora store stucks very frequently.
Clicking on install doesn’t work 95% time, the button flash one second, and come back. And sometimes … that works, i have no idea why. with microg and signature spoofing working on XA2

Have someone the same problem ? Any idea to fix that ?
So boring … Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

Did you try if restarting the Android Support helps (thinking if there is some stuck process preventing it from working)?

Try removing old APKs from Aurora Store’s temporary APK directory (/home/nemo/Android_Storage/Aurora).


To achieve same in the Aurora Store app, you can click the hamburger (or what ever is the proper name of the triple line) next to the search input field and select Downloads and there should be option to Clear completed under the triple dot menu.

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Yes, right, I often forget about that because it’s well hidden.

see the same issue in aosp android on volla. never had hat on sailfish os or nearly never.
on vollaos nowadays permanently.

ok the fix for vollaos was to change some android settings:

Systemsettings - Aps and notifications - Advanced - special app access - unknown apps install and there activate aurora.
not sure if that applies here also but you can check the android settings ?

Thanks for your responses, and sorry for the response time. Restarting alien dalvik does not work. Emptying the aurora directory doesn’t work either. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: