Installed waydroid

good, I would like to put on the xperia 10 could tell me on what devices it works?

As you mention Xperia 10 AFAIK it is restricted to Sony Tama platform (Sony Xperia XZ2, XZ2c, XZ3) with more details here:

Waydroid is in the Chum repos; I don’t see any indicator that it wouldn’t work on all SFOS devices?

BTW, the website is

Well, e.g., currently the networking is broken on SailfishOS Community build on the Pinephone Pro.
So there might be small “surprises” like this on other platforms, too.

But nothing that couldn’t be fixed eventually by devs.

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I installed it on my xperia 10 and apart from not working, the browser crashes and stops working.

Waydroid eats lot of RAM when launched, specially when you have installed some Apps there. Then the Low-Memory-Killer begins to Kill native SailfishOS-Apps like Browser…etc very quickly, at least with 4GB RAM on my XZ2 Compact. “Completely normal phenomen”. So do not use the SailfisOS-Webbrowser AND a Android-Webbrowser at the same time. A good advice is to use the Minimum installed Apps on Waydroid and close it when not needed anymore. Even if not started by hand in Waydroid, they seem to have its background-processes launched when starting Waydroid. Can´t avoid this by “don´t run on the background” inside Waydroid or in the Energy-Department.