Installation on Xperia 10 III

Hello all,

As a Sailfish user from the early days, after some years on Android I am considering shelling out the money for SailfishOS X to install on a refurbished XPeria 10 III that I got.
My question is basically this: The device has already been upgraded to Android 13. Can I safely flash Sailfish to it? Any gotchas to take into account, such as GPS, mobile data, or 5G functionality?


No, you have to downgrade it to Android 11 (suggested version) with Sony Emma flashing tool.

The last one is good for the links to Sony Emma and Android restoring procedure.

I installed SFOSon the 10iii over Android 11, 12 and 13, made no difference. Just try it.


For the Xperia 10 II is suggested Android 11 with this:


In your test you used the suggested binaries but different Android versions or you also changed the binaries package?

You could also maybe ask the guy from jolla devices ( I bought two devices there and they both are working, so hes probably the guy with the most experience :wink:

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I used the Sony binaries that Jolla suggests in their installation guide.

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Good to know, because I plan to reflash my Xperia 10 II, soon.

I did with it, too many tricks! :blush:

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I reflash my Xperia 10 I frequently, unfortunately I’ve some annoyance on latest version but hoping that a new release will fix those :wink:

I have Xperia 10 III and it has updated to Android 13. So did I understand right that I can’t get it Sailfish before I downgrade it to Android 11?

Give it a try, if it seems that it does not work then you can downgrade it.

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You do understand it right, but Android 12 will also work.
Android 13, will not work properly.

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Where do we find Sony’s binaries for Android 12 if they don’t show up in Emma?

Welcome to the forum, you have posted under installation of Sailfish OS upon 10III for which you need to use found on Sony Dev. site:
Don’t know upon which version your device is, but are you trying to downgrade firmware version as mention Emma?

Hello, my device is an Xperia 10 iii, XQ-BT52 dual sim. It came with Android 13 installed, so I wanted to use Sony’s Emma to download to Android 12 (the latest baseband version on the table Reinstalling Sailfish OS | Sailfish OS Documentation).

I was following Jolla’s instruction per How to install Sailfish X on Xperia™ 10 III on Linux - Jolla, but now I realize that I did steps 6 and 7 prior to downloading the binaries you linked and the Sailfish X software all to the same directory. That shouldn’t affect my ability to unlock the phone and downgrade Android should it?

I’m in the exact same position, having received my 10 iii today. I take it people failed installing SF over Android 13?

Does my ‘XA2 license’ automatically enable Dalvik to be downloaded on my 10 iii?

The license is tied to the phone, and applies for the lifetime of that single phone. Developers have to eat too.

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Jeez, I thought I’d live of mom’s largesse indefinitely! (She’s not answering the phone…)