Installation of Microsoft Teams in AlienDalvik fails

Has anyone managed to install the Android app of Microsoft Teams? It fails for me with the message there wasn’t enough memory available, which I cannot believe that that’s true.

I have version 1416 running on an Xperia XA2, but not all of the features work. I don’t use it for video or audio, just texting/ chat.

Thanks for your hint.
Actually, all versions of MS Teams on APKpure are Version 1416. History lasts back to April 2020. So I loaded the April verion of 1416 which was significantly smaller that the current one (60Mb vs 80 MB) and installation worked. However I couldn’t sign into my company account as it requires to have some additional MS management service with registration of the phone with the IT department. As we don’t have a BYOD policy, registration would be rejected anyway.

Apart from that I would accept such a Microsoft management service on my Sailfish device.