Installation of "inxi" on sailfish in terminal?

Coming from Ubuntu, I like to use the command inxi to get relevant information about the computer.
Exists this package for this distribution, how could I install it?
(I found this site,, but I’m not sure what to do.)

Apparently it is just a perl script and works out of the box, just download it and put it where you want it.
I must however disagree with it being particularly useful/relevant… it is just a summary of a few other common tools, none of which you’d run very frequently.

Hi, i tried the following steps:

  • download inxi

  • devel-su chmod +x inxi

  • devel-su cp inxi /usr/local/bin

  • start “inxi” in terminal
    Error message:

    [defaultuser@Xperia10III ~]$ inxi
    env: can’t execute ‘perl’: No such file or directory

    [defaultuser@Xperia10III ~]$ ls -g /usr/local/bin/
    total 1108
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root 1277 Jun 13 18:10 hosty
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root 1129015 Jun 19 07:38 inxi

What could I do next?

Hmm, i must have installed perl as a dependency to something.
So you could just install (devel-su pkcon install) perl.

But the better experience is probably aida64, but it doesn’t seem to be built for 64-bit Sailfish yet.

Hi, that sounded so self-evident in first that I asked again with perl. Now with works fine, thanks a lot.