Installation of an AppImage possible?

I struggle a bit with the chat messengers offered. Now I have discovered for myself. There is also an AppImage for this that runs on my Debian laptop.

Before I invest a lot of time again, so the question comes in the round: AppImage works possibly also under SFOS?

No, there is flatpak but it’s not really that simple to run it…

I also had the impression that the flatpak project had some technical difficulties and was abandoned in favour of Qt5.15 project as an alternative way to provide essential apps like angelfish browser.

I had tried the cli chat client (and a newer version just now) but they don’t run on SFOS. Not sure why but there are many possible reasons.

Your notebook most likely runs amd64 (ie a 64bit processor by intel or amd). Your phone is arm based (armv7 or arm64 if newer). The appimage as a technology should work but it will fail to execute the content.