Installation Guide inconsistency Xperia 10 II


" Please upgrade your phone to Android 11 first (Android 10 works, too, but we recommend 11)."
Then says
" Download the Sony Software binaries for AOSP"

Which appear to be for android 10.

On the Sony downloads page there are apparently binaries for android 10 and android 11.

Which is the correct one?

In fact, SFOS 4.3 appears to be based on AOSP 10 (not 11) but prior to installing SFOS we are supposed to update all the way up to Android 11 to have the lastest blobs in place (I guess). I followed the instructions (updating to Android 11 and then downloading the software binaries for AOSP 10) - and everything works fine

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that’s also my understanding, but i could be worth adding details in the aforementioned article, to make it clear.

Thank you - it appears to have worked.But I think it would be useful to others to amend the Guide.

That doesn’t sound logical to me :

  • Flash Android 10 and you get all the firmware stuff that comes with it.
  • Flash Android 11 and you get all the firmware stuff that comes with it.
  • Flash Android 10 again and you downgrade all the firmware stuff that came along with Android 11

As far as I know ?! :flushed:

Indeed, we need some clarification - and I am no expert at all. However, updating to Sony’s “original” Android 11 with a still boot-locked device is different from flashing AOSP on an unlocked device. I am not sure which parts of the original Android will remain even after flashing but there may be some basic binary stuff close to the hardware (for instance drivers?). I simply can imagine that it can make sense to first update everything on the locked device thus installing the latest drivers and only then unlock and flash the device with ASOP because ASOP 10 might benefit from updated Android 11 drivers, for instance. But all this is wild guessing …

To be honest, I don’t understand the discussion. Before flashing, you should have tested the phone using the most recent Sony software (Android 11).

For flashing, the exact firmware file name including version number is given in the article, so what exactly is unclear?

The instructions are clear but they caused a little bit of irritation becaused they seemed to be inconsistent (at the first glance). That’s all

Windows 10 is required for Sony Emma flash tool to run (if u use win os for procedure)
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