Install waydroid

does waydroid work on the xperia 10?

I’ve got an Xz2c and is working in my case.

And how did you install it?

while waydroid worked great for me on the XZ2c, i do not know if it works at all on xperia 10/10II/10III, or any other xperia devices at all (i heard XA2 was supported but it didnt work for me). perhaps the official port doesnt include the necessary binder nodes in the kernel, or some other nonsense, i dont know.

or maybe it does work? i would love to use waydroid on my 10III, if anyone knows how, perhaps in addition to aliendalvik.

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I installed it from chum, then you need to run a command in the terminal the first time to download the images and this stuff, and then it should runs.

you can see the info here:

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